Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Starting out

I'm Jay. I am 40, and I live in Leeds with my family and our pet chickens. I bake cakes at home a lot, and I started my own business doing this a few months back, called Cake Box. I thought I'd blog my progress, experiments, successes and, erm, learning experiences (OK, failures and culinary disasters) as I go.

I've never had a blog before and I am a shockingly bad typist, so I apologise in advance for the many typos, missed letters and any breaches of netiquette I stumble into while I learn. However, I solemnly swear I will not use text speak and will never, ever write things like "Wot u like?!!! R U comin out 2nite?" This is because I am an old grump and I honestly don't think typing You is significantly more arduous that U. And thus ends my first rant.

Actually, managing a quick rant in paragraph 2 of my first ever blog is an achievement, even for me.

Other than ranting, what is this blog going to be about? I'll go where this adventure takes me, but I expect it will chronicle my recipe trials, learning to ice cakes like a proper professional, juggling the demands of 3 kids with a home business, and eating a lot of cake. An awful lot of cake.

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